SoundHound, Inc. | Santa Clara, CA

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In 2012, SoundHound was a brilliant group of musicians, mathematicians and computer scientists who were about to change the relationship of voice to search. As SoundHound transitioned into its next stage of company growth, VITAL worked closely with its leadership to design a new office environment that was engaging while also providing a visitor with a meaningful introduction to the company’s core offering. Partnering with expert design-build fabricators, VITAL conceived of and detailed a reception desk that mapped to a spectrogram of SoundHound’s CEO humming the tune of “The Godfather” – a key expository moment that illustrates the rich dataset embedded in everyone’s voice. Together, the new desk and space have become a hallmark of the company and a strategic piece of collateral for recruiting talent. In 2015, SoundHound unveiled its Hound and went on to release the full Houndify platform to empower developers to incorporate voice control into their apps.

“Since moving into our new office, hiring has been so much easier.”
– Tim Stonehocker, Chief Technical Officer, SoundHound