General Services Administration | Los Angeles, CA

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The General Services Administration (GSA) partnered with Metropolis Magazine to release an open invitation for design ideas to transform its existing Los Angeles facility into a net-zero building. VITAL, awarded runner-up, grounded their solution in the idea that people, not buildings, use resources. VITAL developed a heating and cooling system at the personal scale, not the building scale, that provides people with “comfort on demand.” The system employs a control, the phone, and a fast-responding localized element, the desk. Placing environmental control in the hands of building occupants proved to be an effective means of reducing energy use and the behavioral changes that result could get the GSA’s building to net-zero. After the competition, VITAL collaborated with Building Robotics to develop Comfy, a software product that is a first step toward the vision of a personalized office experience that in turn can make an entire building more efficient.

“VITAL was essential in helping Building Robotics conceptualize a user-centered experience that leveraged an innovation the BR team developed for providing control of HVAC and energy savings in commercial buildings. Nash and Taylor’s creativity, human-centered approach and expertise in building technology inspired us to develop Comfy, an intelligent software for personal thermal comfort and energy efficiency.”
– Andrew Krioukov, CEO & Co-Founder, Building Robotics (now Comfy)