Tides | San Francisco, CA

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Tides is the anchor tenant in the Thoreau Center, located in a building that is the adaptive reuse of a historic hospital. To build on this past sustainability success, Tides wanted to make their office space more resilient and collaborative, and ultimately reflect its identity: a foundation with a mission for social change. VITAL engaged Tides staff in workshops to encourage the mentality of “green” buildings as a process, not a product. This involved benchmarking – knowing current resource use and how the building works – followed by finding ways to use space and energy more wisely via the active participation of people as a network.

VITAL co-authored a video narrative that reframed Tides’ relationship to their building and inspired the community to cut heating energy use by nearly 30%. By displaying this newfound activism in the hallways and the sharing of space in the new co-working hub, the foundation more compellingly demonstrates its commitment to sustainability.

“VITAL engaged our staff and really changed the way we do our business and how we experience our work spaces.”
– Bruce Demartini, Program Manager, Tides